Let the experts at eeciplus provide you with the best engineering consulting services. Based in  Milwaukee , WI, our firm does everything possible to ensure your latest structure is both elegant and cost-effective.


Structural Design

Before arriving to a final scheme, eeciplus always examines available options based on the site conditions, material availability, and construct-ability. 

Peer Review

In addition to this, our engineering firm offers full peer review services, that include technical reviews for all phases of the design, cost analysis, comparative systems, and value engineering.


Construction Consultation

Our firm also provides consulting services for clients and general contractors. We can provide advice for construction sequencing, alternative solutions with regard to structure, and materials. We could also help you with monitoring and evaluation.

Evaluation, Analysis, & Simulation

We utilize our in-house computer and engineering team to analyze, evaluate, and optimize both structural and energy systems.


Request our engineering consulting services when you contact our firm in Milwaukee, WI.